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Most important features of Travel Manager

If you organize a tour, training, meeting, conference or any other event that is attended by many people, then, you may struggle with problems such as checking the list of participants, providing gadgets or documents, identifying participants, transfer participants from place to place, etc... All of these tasks can be a lot easier with Travel Manager!

All information about participants always with you

How often do you browse the documents to find information about the participant? And what if you do not have the documents with you? With Travel Manager all participant details are always within reach of event's staff members. And it's not only about data like name, or phone number - you can enter any data relevant to a specific event, such as a hotel room number, shirt size, information about allergies or medications (very important in emergency situations).

Quick contact with participants

Is someone missing at the meeting place? Or maybe you need to notify the participant about the change in departure time? With Travel Manager you can quickly call or send an sms to a particular participant. Do not waste your valuable time, streamline the flow of information.

Bulk SMS messages - NEW!

Do you need to quickly inform all participants about important matter? Use bulk SMS feature to send messages to mobile numbers around the world. Attractive SMS pricing depends on the recipient's number country.

Participant identification

What is your name? Can you spell your name please? Do you often ask such questions? From now on you do not need to ask, because Travel Manager will identify the participant for you with use of NFC technology. Give participants NFC identifiers like plastic cards, wristbands or stickers, and the application will identify participants for you. It works in a very similar way as contactless payment cards, but as a terminal we use your mobile device - just touch your device with NFC identifier and Travel Manager will recognize a person.

Registering the presence or activity of participants

How to quickly check the presence of the participants? Who is and who is not in the conference room? How many people are in the first bus, and how many in the other? Are you sure someone did not take gifts twice? With Travel Manager each member of the event's staff can register the presence or activity of the participant, and fast statistics give knowledge who is absent, who has already taken the gift, etc. Each participant, whose presence or activity was registered, is assigned to the staff member, and thus you know, for example, who is on a bus that is covered by a given tour leader.

Many activities

Two seminars are held at the same time? Or maybe, at the same time, a paid trip to the museum or to the beach is organized? With Travel Manager you can define many activities during one event, each may relate to all or selected participants, for example, those who have paid an additional fee. In each activity you are registering participants, and thus you know for example, who is present, who has received a gift or a shirt, etc.

Many members of the staff

Do you have many members of the staff supporting the event? Tour leaders, coordinators and hostesses? No problem, you can add an unlimited number of people and each of them, using an individual account will be able to sign in to the mobile application. You have complete control over who and when they have access to the data of the event.

Automatic synchronization

Changes in data (eg. registering the presence of the participant) are automatically synchronized on all devices that support the event. All data are sent to our servers and exchanged by the devices via the Internet.

Offline mode

It is obvious that sometimes we find ourselves in a place where there is no Internet connection and because of that Travel Manager works in offline mode. This means that until you have signed out from the mobile application you will be able to use all the functions. Data changes will be synchronized with the server after reconnecting to the Internet. What if there are many staff members, and they do not have Internet, synchronization will not be available? Travel Manager can handle that situation as well. One of the staff member need to turn on "wi-fi hotspot" in his device, and the rest of the staff members will be able to exchange data connecting with that hotspot - completely without the Internet connection.

Simple and fast data entry

Data entry is very simple and incredibly fast, you need just a FEW MINUTES to enter all data related to the event. Just go to the administration panel, add a new event, invite staff members and add the data of the participants. The participants data can be added individually or imported from Microsoft Excel file. You can update the file many times and imporing it again will update the data in the application. It's really very simple!

Data security

We understand how important the data security is, and so we use proven and secure technologies. We have introduced all the necessary security rules in order to make sure, that your data can be accessed by you and people you gave the permission.

NFC technology

For simple and fast identification of participants we use NFC identifiers - just touch your mobile device with an identifier, and the application will recognize the participant. The most common identifiers have the form of stickers, wristbands or plastic cards - you can buy them from us, at affordable prices. Learn more about NFC technology.

NFC sticker

Semi transparent, round sticker, size from 22 to 35 mm. You can attach it to any surface, eg. paper or plastic card.

NFC wristband

Made of durable material - PVC or TYVEK. Ideal for both one-day (concert, training) as well as multi-day event (trip, conference). Available in many colors, with the possibility of custom printing.

NFC card

A rectangular PVC card, in white, size 85x54 mm. Possible comprehensive custom print (eg. background, logo, photo of the person, name or other information related with the event).

How to get started with Travel Manager?

What you need?

  • NFC identifiers for the participants. It can be plastic card (also with custom printing), sticker (eg. attached to the luggage) or wristband. You can also use the appplication without NFC ids. See our offer for NFC identifiers.
  • Smartphones or tablets with Android operating system for the members of the staff - it can be a private or business device. If you plan to use NFC identifiers then they need to support NFC technology.
  • Mobile application Travel Manager. You can install it through our website (in your mobile browser go to or Google Play.


  • Create an account for you and your organization - it will take only a minute and is required only once. After filling registration form you will receive an email to confirm the registration.
  • After registration is over please sign in to the administration panel.
  • Add you co-workers as application administrators to allow them to manage events.
  • Buy subscription. Choose subscription period and pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Remember that you can test the application without active subscription (learn more). The subscription can be purchased or renewed at any time.

Add new event

  • Sign in to the administration panel and add new event, enter name and start/end dates.
  • Specify staff members of the event - tour leaders, coordinators or hostesses. Ask them to install mobile application and sign-in.
  • Create the list of participants in Microsoft Excel accordance with the instructions. Import the data file - you can do it many times, updating the data of existing participants.
  • Sign in to mobile application (as administrator or event coordinator) and assign NFC identifiers to participants.

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